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Water Line Repair Services
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Your water line is what brings water into your property. It is buried beneath the ground, deep enough to keep it from freezing. Water supply lines are typically made of PVC, galvanized steel, or copper. These lines are what enable you to run water from your faucet, use your washing machine, and take showers and baths. Unfortunately, sometimes water lines experience issues such as leaks, low water pressure, burst pipes, and frozen pipes.

The residential plumbing experts here at Good Leif Plumbing are standing by to assist with your water line repair needs. If you notice low water pressure or pooling water, call us in to perform a professional leak detection inspection. We are the San Antonio, TX area’s premier source for high-quality plumbing repair services. In addition to water line repairs, we offer hydrostatic tests, sewer line camera inspections, water softener installations, water heater services, and more. Check your property for any of the water line issue warning signs outlined below, then get in touch with our crew to schedule a service call.

Signs You Need Water Line Repair

Puddles in Your Yard: Your water main may be leaking if you are noticing puddles in your yard, especially if there has been no rain or it is above your water main. Even if you do not notice puddles because the soil is absorbing the water, the grass may be greener in a specific spot.

Foundation Cracks: Moisture around your home will damage your foundation. Concrete absorbs moisture. If your water line is leaking, cracks may form in your home’s foundation.

Your Water Bill Increased: If water is leaking from your water lines, you will notice it in your water bill. If you are paying more for your water, you will want to get your water line inspected.

Water Pressure Dropped: If your water pressure has been decreasing or if you can’t boost the water pressure with a regulator, there may be a blockage slowing down the water flow.

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Good Leif Plumbing is a professional commercial and residential plumbing contractor serving the San Antonio, TX community. Our contractors provide many plumbing services including water line repairs. As an important piece to the functionality of your plumbing, having issues such as low water pressure, puddles in your yard, or increasing water bills can cause headaches for your daily routine. Due to the lack of access, it can be difficult to understand what’s truly happening to your water lines, which is why at Good Leif Plumbing, our team can perform hydrostatic tests to best uncover any potential leaks or issues before they get out of hand. Contact our plumbing contractors today to learn more about our leak detection service or to schedule your water line repair!

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