Sewer Line Camera Inspection


Sewer Line Camera Inspections
for San Antonio, TX & the Surrounding Areas

Whether you are dealing with sewage backing up into your home or business, or noticing sewage puddling in you landscaping, a sewer line camera inspection can be performed to identify the issue with your sewer line accurately and quickly. We no longer have to guess at the location of sewer line damage, risk unnecessary impacts to landscaping, or risk damaging an otherwise intact line. Camera inspections have become the standard in diagnosing sewer line issues, allowing the plumbing contractors at Good Leif Plumbing to provide a real-time damage or leak detection report on the condition of your commercial and residential plumbing and take the guesswork out of providing you with a fair and reliable quote. On top of our sewer line inspections, we also provide hydrostatic tests to pinpoint the issues you may be noticing with your water line and recommend a water line repair solution.

If you are experiencing clogged lines and sewage backup but aren’t sure where it is or how to fix it, contact Good Leif Plumbing today to schedule your sewer line camera inspection in San Antonio, TX!

How Camera Inspections Work

Your plumber will perform a camera inspection by using a small flexible camera that is attached to the end of a snake-like spool of cable. He will insert the camera into your home or business sewer line, transmitting the video back to in real-time, and allowing a us to assess the condition of your sewer line immediately. The camera also provides an exact measurement of where in your sewer line the issue is occurring.

Sewer line issues can be an awfully expensive repair for your home or business. Instead of having to guess at the location of a leak, the material used in your sewer line construction, or the cause of the issue, Good Leif Plumbing can now instantly diagnose your issue. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate and fair cost estimate and timeframe for returning your sewer line to working order.

Types of issues camera inspections can observe

There are several common issues that sewer line camera inspections can be used to detect. Some of the ones we observe most often are:

  • Root intrusion: In the search for nutrients and water, tree and shrub roots can sometimes grow into and damage a sewer line, blocking the easy flow of sewage from your home or business into the city sewage line.
  • Pipe collapse or breakage: Unstable soil conditions, improper installation, or other outside physical forces can lead to the total failure of a sewer line, preventing the flow of sewage out of your home or business.
  • Blockages: Occasionally, the line servicing your home or business is in good physical condition but is blocked by a buildup of grease or foreign objects.
  • Pipe offsets or pipe bellies: Sewer lines can gradually move due to shifting soil, freezing conditions, or uncompacted soil settling. This can cause the piping to shift and offset, creating an area that restricts flow and allows for the collection of debris in your sewer line.
  • Leaking pipe joints: Sewer lines are installed in sections, and the areas at which they meet, the “joints,” must be correctly seated and sealed to ensure the proper flow of sewage. Improperly seated or old joints can lead to the sewage line leaking into the area surrounding the pipe.
  • Pipe corrosion: Newer building standards mandate the use of PVC piping in the construction of sewer lines; however, older construction methods for sewage piping included the use of cast-iron, clay, and even concrete piping which can corrode, or otherwise deteriorate, leading to pipe damage or collapse.

If you believe you have issues with your main sewage line, call Good Leif Plumbing today to schedule your camera inspection in San Antonio, TX.

Why use Good Leif Plumbing for your sewer line camera inspection?

The use of camera inspections allows for an unbiased and precise understanding of the issue you are facing by allowing you to see the issue yourself. In the event of a blockage or root intrusion, Good Leif Plumbing may be able to clear the obstruction without the need for digging up and replacing your home or business sewer line, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary excavation and line replacement.

As part of Good Leif Plumbing’s effort to provide our customers with the most reliable, honest, and professional plumbing services, we feel that camera inspections allow our customers to best understand the plumbing issue at hand and be confident in the recommendations we make and the quotes we provide.

To schedule your sewer line camera inspection and finally take care of your sewage line issue, please feel free to call Good Leif Plumbing today at (210) 858-8068.

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