Hydrostatic Testing


Hydrostatic Testing Services for San Antonio, TX

Hydrostatic testing is a method for testing pipes for strength and leaks. The tests fill the pipe with liquid, usually water, sometimes with a dye added, to find leaks and pressurize the pipe to a preselected pressure. It can be used for plumbing pipes, boilers, fuel tanks, and gas cylinders. We use hydrostatic testing for leak detection. If we find a leak, we can then repair it for you as well. We will replace any pipes that the test shows are unstable or irreparable.

Benefits of Hydrostatic Testing


  • Non-Intrusive: The test uses a liquid, usually water, to determine where a leak is or the strength of the container or pipe. There is no need to cut up floorboards or dig up your yard.


  • Tests Strength: The integrity of your pipes can be tested to determine if you need to replace them or not. You will not have to worry about your pipes busting from being over-pressurized. Our test will determine if it can handle the average pressure your plumbing system experiences.


  • Leak Detection: Finding a leak can be difficult at times. Your pipes run all over your property. There are so many places where a leak can form, but with hydrostatic testing, you can find the leak with ease. Thanks to the dye in the liquid, it is easy to spot even the tiniest of leaks.


  • Affordable: It is an affordable service that any homeowner can afford. It does not cost much because there is not much to the test. There is no digging up your yard or cutting through floorboards. It simply sends a liquid through the pipes.

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